Today I want to recommend you a blog made by a Valladolid High School, IES EMILIO FERRARI. It is a blog which supposes a framework for all the activities teachers do with their students. 

From The CFIE Valladolid we promote the use of classroom blogs and of blogs which show school projects as this one which promotes the bilingual school project. To my mind,this is a reference blog for all bilingual High school blogs in Castilla Leon as it shows videos and activities of all the projects they do with their students who are the main focus of the project. They organize the blog in three sections: Geography and history, science and literacy. 

The work they do to promote Drama activities or book trailers are worth having a special mention. This work could be a role model for the new High Schools which are working with bilingual projects in Valladolid and other provinces in our region. I share with you two videos of a drama show and a book trailer. Congratulations to cristina Bienes and her colleagues. Wonderful work! Keep on working this way.


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